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In next season, it will start a new ranking for all the competitors but untill now there aren't news how it will work.

So, you can continue to follow this website and especially his statistics...

As usual, I like to write my personal considerations despite I wasn't in Stromstadt but I used the chat to know the news.

The main problem for some competitors was the zero tollerance: some controls were not in the right place but the distance from it didn't help to understand if the controls were A or Z (this is the usual problem in every competition without Zero tollerance or without a clear explanation).

Not good WTOC for Antti Rusanen: modest results in the individual competitions (his stripe of "better than 10th place" continues) and one mistake in relay but his temp O station in relay won the bronze medal.

Not big changments in Para class: the values of competitors is the same and not new name took the medals as in team relay.

The good news is this change coudn't be worse than the last years story when this discipline has seen like a weight and not a resource. After 12 years the WTOC comes back in Sweden but in that occasion trail O was in the prehistory.We created some free travel agency templates you can download and customize to your agency (add your own logo, make it your brand colors, change to your font). If you don’t want to wade through the entire article, just click on the travel agent forms you’d like to see and you will be teleported to the correct forms!All you need to do is select one of the forms and it will take you to our vault of Cognito Forms Shared Templates where you can copy the template over to your Cognito account. Here’s a video on how it works:free waivers used by other agencies as well as trip checklists for your clients.He has a long career in foot orienteering (35 years) where he had some Italian titles and he also competed at the WOC. Zanetello knows Trail O, he organized some competitions in the past and he has more interest in this disclipline respect the old President.In this moment, trail O discipline, in Italy, is very close to finish the activity due the decrescent interest about it among the orienteers despite the gold medals cachted in the last years.

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