Advice about dating an alcoholic

We have set tentative wedding dates in the past, then scrubbed them.Doc, I am less worried about the date of a possible wedding than I am with Marissa’s drinking problem.

This woman has a horrible problem with alcohol – lots of people do in America – but you can’t live with an alcoholic and be happy. says, “You’ll spend all your time running around the house hunting for all the half-pints of Smirnoff’s and pouring them down the drain.”In your position you must sit down and have a talk with Marissa.And let me point out, my friend, that you’re already unhappy with her. Do you want to compound it by getting married and being with Marissa 24/7 when she’s drunk? Tell her that there can be no marriage until she’s off the booze. If she can’t agree to those terms, you’re splitting.It’s up to her – does she want to get off Johnny Walker or does she want to stay with him and get rid of you?If it weren’t for the part of my character that is steadfast and loyal, I would probably have walked away by now and saved myself the anguish. I put together a nice little mix for less than the other day - to have a great playlist of songs I can have anytime.Unfortunately, hanging in there is part of my character. If I did that once a month I’d build up my music collection – and for around 0 a year!

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