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This article introduces DML error logging; a major new feature of Oracle 10g Release 2 for bulk SQL operations.

DML error logging enables us to trap "bad data" and filter it to a log table without failing our overall DML statement.

Note in particular our tags, which can help us find the bad data quickly on a busy system and also the error message assigned to each failed row (we just happen to have the same exception for each due to the setup of the sample data).

In addition, we can see the actual data that we were trying to insert.

You can add a column to a table to help maintain the integrity of the database when multiple users are updating rows at the same time.

This katana, the ornate katana, the golden katana, the Eastern outfit, the quick-fire crossbow, and the Wushanko outfit were the only known items to have come from the Eastern Lands until the release of Player-owned ports. If it is lost or destroyed, it will cost 250,000 coins to retrieve it from Diango or Ianto.If no change is made to the row, the rowversion value is the same as when it was previously read.To return the current rowversion value for a database, use @@DBTS.Oracle will by default create an error table named "ERR$_SUBSTR(our_table_name,1,25)".If we so choose, we can optionally control the name, owner and tablespace of the error log table by supplying the relevant parameters.

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