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If you’re the sort of person who has a hard time finding clothes that fit, then a tailor is absolutely your best friend.

A skilled tailor can make clothes look absolutely amazing on you.

You’re better off to shell out for something at the level of Anthony’s Logistics for Men than Speed-Stick. However, most men stop here when it comes to personal grooming.

This is a mistake; part of grooming means taking care of your face and skin.

There’s more to a haircut than just trimming off a couple of inches here and there; a proper hair cut can completely transform your face, bring balance to your features and help frame your personality. Very few men can pull off long hair and unless you are ripcord, rockstar thin, that includes you. If you have patches of bare skin in your beard, you need to just accept that you may not be one of them; a patchy, scraggly beard makes you look more like Chester The Molester than the God of Testosterone you think you are.

While you’re at it: start attacking your facial hair. That being said, a nicely trimmed don’t let it grow into neckbeard territory.

Men tend to think that all women go for Chris Hemsworth’s god-like build and leonine mane of hair, when women may be far more likely to scream for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s more wiry frame, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s gap-tooth smile or Matt Smith’s unique fivehead.

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” Just check the comments section of this blog; whenever I talk about what women find attractive in men, people will inevitably show up and insist that all of this is bullshit and that women are interested in tall dudes with rippling washboard abs, blindingly white teeth, pecs you could bounce rocks off of, an Audi R8 and a 7 figure bank account. Men tend to assume that women view men with the same metrics that men view women – that is, that women will put greater importance on facial symmetry, height, body fat percentages, penis size and muscle tone.

Meanwhile, the moisturizer keeps your skin firm and smooth, minimizes fine lines, and preserves skin’s elasticity. Think of it as sanding away the top layer of paint on an old house; you’re getting rid of the old, damaged, and dead skin and letting your real face shine through. Get a decent pair of tweezers and attack your eyebrows and any ear and nose hair.

Keeping bushy eyebrows under control (especially if you tend towards a unibrow) will work wonders for improving your look and confidence, and you don’t want anyone getting in close to notice stray nose or ear hairs.

This is why so many celebrities look like a million bucks even when they’ve thrown whatever shit they have to go to the grocery store: they have will completely transform your look and sillouette with minimal effort from you.

This is another simple tip that so many men seem to miss: sit up straight young man!

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