Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

A Man Crunch representative denied that the ad was a marketing ploy and called CBS’ decision discriminatory.“We’re 100 percent serious,” said rep Elissa Buchter. If the ad showed a man and woman kissing, it would have been accepted.You see ads for erectile dysfunction morning, noon and night.It’s discriminatory that they won’t show this.”Buchter said the site spent more than 0,000 on the ad and has raised million from investors.“They should call our bluff,” she said.“If the ad doesn’t air on the Super Bowl, it will air on another network.Like previous campaigns from the designer, the images call upon some of his favorite fashion muses, like Cara Delevigne, mixed together with completely off-the-wall choices like Missy Elliott (wearing the reimagined Canada Goose Manitoba parka from his FW16 show) and Sissy Spacek, and taking a page out of Saint Laurent’s book with Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson.

She’s a logical choice given the actress is already the face of two of their other perfumes, Coco Mademoiselle and Rouge Coco — and has even played Madame Chanel herself in a short film.

Well, today we finally got our hands on some top secret storyboards that various companies used to pitch their Super Bowl commercials — and they still have the network’s notes attached.

CBS has rejected a Super Bowl ad submitted by a gay dating Web site that shows two male football fans making out.

If you’re new to the story, here’s the mini-cap: Man Crunch, a gay dating site, created a Super Bowl ad showing two football fans locked in a campy embrace after their hands met in a chip bowl.

At first, CBS’ Standards and Practices rejected the commercial on the grounds that they don’t air advocacy ads during the Super Bowl.

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