Baby from cash money records dating new lady

Their first roster artist was a 16 year old kid named Kilo-G. Before Mannie Fresh came along, Cash Money’s lyrics and sound were very raw and gangster rap influenced.

That deal typically involved a small cash advance, plus a 50/50 split of all profits earned on albums sales.

The magnitude of this deal’s uniqueness can not be understated.

Imagine if after selling few hundred thousand copies of an ebook on my own, a publishing company agreed to pay me millions of dollars for 20% of my profits.

The combination of Manny’s more consumer-friendly beats, with Cash Money’s gangster image and lyrics, quickly came to be known as “Gansta Bounce”. The Hot Boy$’ debut album sold an astonishing 300,000 copies in its first few months alone, almost exclusively in the greater New Orleans area.

Gansta Bounce instantly struck a nerve with hip-hop fans throughout Louisiana. The Hot Boy$, who were barely old enough to drive, featured the rappers Juvenile, B.

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