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: After 14 years of legal wrangling at the cost of millions of dollars to both sides, the US government has ruled on discretionary grounds by an unelected bureaucrat named Ron Rosenberg, Chief, Administrative Appeals Office of the US Department of Homeland Security, that Ernst Zündel is banned from joining his family in the US.Within hours of my illegal arrest in February 2003, fourteen years ago, I had been given an expulsion order with stiff penalties, should I dare to set foot in America ever again in the future.Not that any of this mattered at this point in the more than decades-long legal nightmare that followed.I was convicted despite all airtight evidence that I was not a “visa overstay” as had been falsely claimed.That would take another 12 – 13 hours – with me getting ever more groggy from lack of sleep, lack of food and drink, and a simmering, low-level anxiety that sat in the pit of my heart.Meanwhile, our passports were scanned; finger prints and iris scans were made of each passenger; and of course, thanks to Internet bio information about me that had been surreptitiously studied by the American authorities as well as several passengers, I took on ever more the trappings of an heroic global dissident celebrity.Next, we were told US authorities were going to admit us “legally” into the US – as visitors! All the while, I feared, I might be sent back to the Vaterland.

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Off we marched, with me giving the thumbs-up sign to some 250 co-passengers who stepped aside to let us through, bewildered and aghast.Everybody stared at me as though I had come from the moon.This emergency landing clearly overwhelmed the airport personnel, and we had to wait for hours in a rundown, seedy reception area out of the 1950s.Clearly we had landed in the backwoods somewhere of the USA – and here I was, being asked to step down onto the hallowed soil of “the free-est country in the world” – risking yet another 20 years in gaol!I knew that the Captain had no choice but to alert US Homeland Security and the border police of my illegal entry status.

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