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Houston hunched with his back to the flag and his head on the bench in an apparent posture of prayer, while Eligwe sat casually on the bench It is unclear whether the players stood for the moment of silence held in honor of the Las Vegas victims before the anthem.

Peters was the only player shown seated on the televised broadcast, and thus drew the ire of fans who took issue with the protest.

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Peters began protesting during the national anthem last year by raising a fist, before switching to sitting.'I was just stating how I'm black, and I love being black, (and) I'm supporting Colin in what he's doing as far as raising awareness with the justice system,' Peters told USA Today last year of raising his fist, referencing former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick.'But I didn't mean anything (bad) by it,' Peters said.

All of the Redskins players remained standing for the anthem.

Dozens of players knelt or otherwise protested during the anthem in Week Four of play.

The Chiefs beat the Redskins 29-20 in Monday's game.

He lay in the intensive-care unit bed and pecked it out on his i Phone, the small keyboard and the painkillers be damned, because he had to write this now. “It just kind of spilled out of me,” Joseph Mitchell says.

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