Dating sex survey

"Men had used the app to learn specifically about their partner's body through learning ins and outs, how to interact with it, how to touch it, how to make sex better," Gesselman said."For the most part, the sample was heterosexual, so I'm assuming that for the most part, the partner in that situation would be a woman."• People sext. Americans (74 percent) and South Africans (77 percent) sext most, while the Japanese (34 percent) and South Koreans (30 percent) are least likely to send hot messages.

The percentage of white Millennials saying they have black friends (56%) is about the same as the percentage of black Millennials who say they have white friends (55%).

And among older generations, those who can count at least some members of other races as friends and those who live outside of the South are also more accepting of interracial marriage.

Not surprisingly, given the high levels of acceptance of interracial marriage among Millennials, nearly all 18-to-29-year-olds (93%) agree with the statement “I think it is all right for blacks and whites to date each other.” Pew Research has tracked responses to this question for more than two decades in its study of American political values, most recently in April 2009.

These surveys have found Millennials very accepting of interracial dating since the opinions of this generation first were tracked in 2003 (in 2003, 92% of Millennials agreed that it was all right for blacks and whites to date).

When the first Generation Xers began to be tracked in the late 1980s, about two-thirds of this generation (those born between 19) agreed that it was “all right for blacks and whites to date each other.” By the time all members of that generation had reached age 18, fully 85% agreed with the statement — about the same proportion as does so today (86%).

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