Updating odbc

In some cases, the framework can use only the columns selected in your recordset to identify which record in your table to update.Without all the necessary columns, multiple records might be updated in the table, possibly damaging the referential integrity of the table.Normally, when you add, edit, or delete a record, the recordset changes the data source immediately.You can instead batch groups of related updates into transactions.For information about transactions, see Transaction (ODBC).The following table summarizes the options available for recordsets with different update characteristics.

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If you want to retain certain SQL join behavior or obtain the results of SQL predicates such as GROUP BY, create views.

Updating your ODBC SQL driver is necessary when the new version contains bug fixes for your product or when your old driver has started to show signs of corruption.

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If a transaction is in progress, the update does not become final until you commit the transaction.

This allows you to take back or roll back the changes.

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