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The model is refreshed every morning, and finishes around am.

The is what I have experiences so far: I accept that it may take 30 minutes or so to automatically update dashboard data, but surely if someone manually selects the refresh options, it should be going to the server and getting the most recent data, rather than continuing to use cached data.

Thanks Craig Hi Craig, What exact version of SQL server 2008 R2 are you running?

Run the following SQL query in MS SQL Server: SELECT @@VERSIONYou may need to apply the latest CU 6 ([ )An issue that was fixed in CU4 ( [ ) could be the root cause of your inconsistent results.

Change the Power Query to load as a table instead of to Power Pivot. If you can, try to see which line the load is failing and then compare against the raw data.4. I have a total of 29 measures and cube-formulas, and 8 slicers.

You could try doing a binary delete on half of the columns at a time before loading to see if that fixes the problem. I did time it and it took about 18minutes to update everything. Pivot tables, cube formulas and slicers will slow the refresh of a workbook, but only after all tables are fully refreshed.

If I switch to the Excel window, I see that its "reading data" which seems to take forever. I've let it run overnight before though but I'm not sure how long it actually took. It certainly is not normal, so something must be wrong. That way you can actually look at the data and see how long it takes.3. I started a new workbook importing the same information (no measures) and it updates within 15 seconds.

We're seeing an odd problem, in that when we send data into a child member within our applications, it doesn't always update the parent.

In the Ver 10.2, we now are unable to refresh cubes using the batch job in Windows 2008 server.

My bath job uses the command likes this: -n2 -g -s -m"C:\cube_models\My_Model.mdl" 90% of the time this works, but sometimes the bath job is unable to refresh cubes.

Is my experience the same as other users, or is there potentially something wrong at our end?

Hi All, We just upgrade our Cognos from Ver 8 to Ver 10.2.

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