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The issue of copyrights and other legal protection for boat designs has recently been discussed in connection with a thread about the Haven 12-1/2 and Cape Cod Shipbuilding's claim that they "own" the rights to the original H 12-1/2 design.The comments at the link below are interesting: Briefly, it appears that there was no copyright protection AT ALL for boat hull designs prior to 1998, and that special rules apply. For example, copyrights are not available for boat hulls that have not been built, there is no protection unless an application has been filed within 2 years after a design is “made public”, and the copyrights are valid for only 10 years.Paul ________ grand, il ________ sympathique et il ________ professeur d'anglais.Il ________ trs charismatique et comique, je ________ heureux d'________ son ami.Here is our Free Online Chat Rooms and another chat room, Chatting and Uk Chatter Box alternative.I am making some mistakes, because it is difficult 16.

Dan weet u ook dat het niet altijd even makkelijk is ...

Durante milenios, alquimistas de todo el mundo soñaron con encontrar la piedra filosofal, aquella milagrosa substancia que revelaría los secretos más insólitos de la existencia.

Basándose en cincuenta famosos versos sobre la naturaleza de la consciencia del maestro Vasubandhu, Thich Nhat Hanh nos muestra la vigencia…

When a builder says they own the plans, it's rarely exclusive.

They are just claiming, we hope honestly, that they are right with the designer.

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